Pinhole Wound Care Instructions for 6 Weeks

                                   DO these things to heal and keep mouth fresh
1.   Gently ice on top of cheeks as much as possible for first 48 hours – 10 minutes on, then 10                                                                                                                              minutes off & repeat as much as possible.             
2.   Brush the tongue gently.
3.   Brush any teeth that did not have surgery on them.
4.   May very slowly & gently brush the lingual (inside next to tongue) of the teeth that had surgery                                                                                                                  on them. 
5.   May use provided rinse to “drool rinse” Turn head side to side and let rinse come out. No                                                                                                                              gargling, no swooshing & no spitting.
6.   Eat a healthy diet using softer, easily chew-able foods. May blend any healthy foods for a                                                                                                                            smoothie. 
7.   Lower sugar intake to maximize healing.
8.   Use an extra soft toothbrush for 6 months after surgery.
9.   Return to this office for all post-operative/polishing visits.

                      DO NOT do these things during the first 6 weeks after surgery
1.   Don’t do anything that will disturb the surgical sites. Be your own best wound caretaker. Be as                                                                                                                    minutes off & repeat as much as possible.
2.   No brushing, flossing or waterpik of the surgical sites.
3.   Do not brush the biting surface of the teeth that had surgery.
4.   No touching the surgical sites with fingers, tongue or any other object like cotton swabs, picks etc.
5.   Do not look at the surgical sites. Keep cheek movements to minimum.
6.   Do not sleep with hands under the cheek.
7.   No spitting, use of straws, blowing balloons, snorkeling or use of wind instruments.
8.   No smoking, no sucking candies or mints (Consult doctor for medical use marijuana).
9.   No heavy aerobics, vigorous dancing, heavy lifting or physical activity for 1 week.
10. No scalding hot liquids or alcohol for 1 week after surgery.
11. No crunchy or sticky foods.

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